Review for Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. Vol.1

Review for Elf-san wa Yaserarenai. Vol.1

OMG this was just absolute brilliance! I am still laughing so hard. 😛

It all starts with a chubby, french fries-addicted elf who wants to lose some weight (though still eat tons of french fries) and goes to a diet clinic where she meets a human guy who does some pretty erotic massages (if I have to go by the faces the girls make when they get massaged).

Each chapter brings us a new girl (of course supernatural/fantasy related) and see how they all become friends and how hard they try to lose weight (and fail becomes temptation is real (french frieeeeessss)). Each girl has a backstory/story to tell, and I like that the author is putting so much effort to make each girl come to life. You really want to root for them, hope that they will be able to lose that weight they want.

Of course the human guy is also there and he is quickly adding to his harem of chubby girls (though for real though there is no romance or anything (thankfully), I just had to say that because it was just such a typical thing to happen in manga/anime). The human guy is a wonderful one, he is helping girls left and right. Showing them proper ways to stand, massaging them, how to healthy diet, and much more.

The author really has a good way with drawing chubby/bigger girls, they really look chubby/big. And thus not as how many chubby girls are often drawn in manga… with small arms/legs and big boobs and sometimes a big belly (which more often than not looks like a pregnancy).

The art is fabulous, the characters are hilarious, the dieting/exercise is fun to see. There is a bit of fanservice (but it never feels out of place). I can’t wait to see what girls will make an appearance next and what their weight problem is going to be.

All in all, this is a manga I will keep on reading, and a manga I would recommend to everyone!

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