Review for Flag Time Vol.1

Review for Flag Time Vol.1

I was quite curious after I read the blurb on various sites. A girl who can stop time and instead of doing something useful she decides to have a peek at her love interest’s panties. 😛 Too bad for her… it seems her love interest is unaffected by her powers.

I quite liked Moritani in this manga, I didn’t even think she was that big of a pervert. Yes, she peeked at a girl’s underwear, but she was really embarrassed at it, and never done it before (plus I don’t think she would have done it more than once). I was a bit annoyed at times with her attitude and how she ran away all the time, not giving anyone time of the day. Plus I wish she would just speak up about Marukami and the things she does. Tell her you don’t like how she is acting. Tell her you don’t want to be manipulating/pushed into doing things you don’t want to do.

Because Murakami is no saint. Oh no. I am still not sure what to think of this girl. She is manipulative, it seems that she is using Moritani for her powers, plus I am just not that into people who lie about sexual abuse. 😐

But I also see that these two are clearly a good couple together, those times that they are truly acting like a couple. The sparks sure are flying everywhere, plus it is pretty adorable to see them both figure things out. Moritani especially seems to have some problems with it. Then again, understandable. She isn’t sure what she wants yet, but her body has a clear message about the whole situation (in other words her body knows what it wants, but her head is still confused).

The art is pretty decent, it is quite cute.

All in all I quite enjoyed this volume.

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