Review for Flag Time Vol.2

Review for Flag Time Vol.2

This ending was just perfect wipes away tears Sorry, I am just so happy for both of our girls. They deserved this ending.

Plus I am definitely loving Murakami now. I can so understand her actions from the previous volume and part of this one so much better. Of course I don’t excuse it, but I understand it, and I wish she would just have been honest at some point. It is no fun to live a life like that. 🙁 And I feel sorry that she felt she had to do all that. That she had to pretend so much.

Moritani was so adorable and so strong in this one. I am really proud of this girl. She finally found strength to do all that, something that immensely helped out Murakami (though maybe the execution of said idea could have been better). Though I have to say I was worried about her at times when her powers started disappearing on her and she didn’t have a clue what was going on or what to do. That she was worried she would lose her connection and time with Murakami.

There were a few moments that had me go eh? Like when everyone was being hurtful towards Murakami while Moritani did the same thing. It was like Moritani didn’t exist. I am not sure what is worse, being called a slut, or being ignored completely on the matter.

I am really happy I read this manga. It wasn’t always perfect, but it was sure worth my time. I like the addition of time controlling powers (though I am curious to how she lost it, is it because of Murakami and her relationship with her?).

Oh, but I am still disgusted as hell with that teacher and hope he will get some punishment for it someday. But I guess he will just get away with all the stuff he does. Bah!

But all in all, I would recommend this series to people looking for a nice shoujo-ai with something extra added (time powers).

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