Review for Get Organized Without Losing It

Review for Get Organized Without Losing It

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So, I spotted this book and just had to check it out. I know back when I was the age these kids probably were I also had an overload of stuff, at times I couldn’t find stuff, or found sandwiches from some time ago. 😛

This book is chock-full of tips, hints, lists, questions, checkup lists, well anything really about organising. I love how the writer explains everything in a good way, not too hard to understand, but also not boring. Definitely not boring, the author makes it oh so much fun to organise. It is done with humour, with funny illustrations, with bright colours. It is still serious, as it has some amazing tips and advice.

But it at times also had tips or advice if the problem wasn’t that you aren’t organised, but rather are stressed/thinking you will fail/etc. I like that this is added. High School is a big thing, a very exciting thing, and it can become too much for some. Suddenly one has important big tests and homework, there are more classes and subjects, you have new teachers, classmates, everything. It can become quite daunting.

There was also a whole thing about planners. Well thankfully we have mountains of fun planners here. Plus unlike what this book makes it seem, you do need one. Especially in the first years the teachers would sometimes ask if everyone has written down the homework and the upcoming tests and projects.

I also like the whole chapter about how to get get ready for school each day.

One thing that I have to add is while the book can be used for everywhere in the world back when I was still in school I wouldn’t have had any use for the locker and desk tips. From what I remember our desks in High School (which in the US would be Middle School x High School) didn’t have any place under it to store things (we did have that in elementary school). We didn’t have lockers (no small ones or big ones). You just carried your stuff with you through the day. Which meant you couldn’t just leave a book or books at school. If you had 7 subjects on that day you had to carry all the books, notebooks, projects, binders with you and back home again. And yes, my back is still shuddering at the thought of that. At times I had 10 kilos of books with me (I put my bag on a scale one day). And no, rolling backpacks weren’t a thing then (though I don’t think they are that now since I never see any students walk/cycle around with those).

But all in all, I really enjoyed this book, the illustrations really added something extra to the book and made it even more fun and engaging to read. I would recommend this book to everyone.

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