Review for Gravity Falls Don’t Color This Book!: A Cursed Coloring Book

Review for Gravity Falls Don’t Color This Book!: A Cursed Coloring Book

A dangerous colouring book, there is never a quiet day in Gravity Falls!

Warning: Don’t read this book until you have watched the entire series of Gravity Falls! There are several characters that don’t make an appearance until the second season.

I was definitely surprised by this book, I thought this would just be a colouring book, which is already perfect in my opinion. Anything new from the series Gravity Falls? And with awesome illustrations? Sure, sign me up. But this one was even better than that! It is a whole new story, a new paranormal being that is, of course, only found in Gravity Falls.

It all starts with Mabel finding a notebook (this book!) left by Dipper, and her doodling/writing in it (typical Mabel right there), only to discover that her twin brother Dipper is INSIDE the book! Held “hostage” by the being of the book. He wants the colours of their world, promises them a new colour. Which of course, you all know Mabel, is an instant hit for her. 😛 And thus she starts dreaming up the most wonderful colouring pages which we, the reader, can fill with colours!

Not every page has a story, or a conversation by either Mabel or Dipper or the being, quite a few pages are just colouring pages made by either Dipper or Mabel.

But the story that is there? I loved it! I loved finding out more about the being of the book, and what was going on in Gravity Falls. Dipper’s and Mabel’s comments to various things were hilarious and I often found myself laughing very hard.

Plus finding out what the being was, and what his intentions are, brilliant! I had a laugh at Mabel’s pun at the end. 😛

I loved the board game (wish someone would make this one for real), the sweaters, the matchmaking, and of course the various references to other stuff.

All in all, this is one book that any Gravity Falls fan should have in their collection. Even if you don’t like colouring books, remember this is much more than that. It is a whole new story in this universe. Highly recommended!

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