Review for How to be Glamorous on a Budget

Review for How to be Glamorous on a Budget

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

So this was already a bit of a disappointment. When I requested it I thought this would be a stylish book filled with gorgeous photographs, illustrations, pretty colours, and more. Instead it is just a 50 page kindle book with tons of text, no layout or special effects. But we do have photographs (a few here and there), though yeah, on a kindle with only black/white function… that just doesn’t work. Some of the photographs just had her fade in the background, or blinding you when she wore a white dress/white clothes. And also, if she says she is wearing x colour, yeah, that just doesn’t translate when the pictures are black/white.

Also a shame was the fact that she mentions the body types, yet she is the only one on the pictures (or at least, from what I could gather looking at the photographs it seems to be the same person over and over again). So I just had a laugh. If you are discussing body types at least get the right girls to pose. Unless of course you have those 4 body types you mentioned, but I am sure that won’t look too good.
It was also funny that she mentioned a stylist, in case you weren’t sure about your body type . She then apparently realises this is a budget book, and just throws you to the internet (and then especially her site). 😛
I laughed further when she told us she had a 40 dollar dress, but hey, the look was made expensive by her wearing Louboutins. Sure, like anyone normal can afford those. 😛 Doesn’t this completely defeat the purpose of shopping on a budget? You buy cheap clothes, and then buy shoes with a price tag of over 500 dollar/euro?

I want to add that while the author says that washing your hair every day is OK (she also says washing every other day which is OK), but I wouldn’t recommend every day. It really depends on various things, but generally it is not recommended to wash your hair every day (sources: various magazines, books, sites).
Also with split ends? It is not like you need to cut of a lot of hair, like how the author makes it seem.

Budget.. but in the mean time this girl wants you to have a hairstylist and someone who grooms your eyebrows (whut?).

I didn’t really have much with those mom/baby parts, I did read them, but they weren’t really that interesting to me.

Same goes for the diet stuff.

Something I also noticed, this book is pretty much like all those other fancy style/become fabulous books I have seen/read. It even follows the same pattern and even uses the same terms or tips, which is pretty hilarious if you think about it. Why not mix it up a bit?

So yeah, not really my book. I was hoping to find something new, something exciting, but instead I got the same stuff as many style books + there were just some things that didn’t make sense considering this is a budget book. There were a few photographs, but again, that just doesn’t work that well with a kindle. It is a short book, and that is also why I kept reading it. I sadly can’t rate this one more than 1.5 stars. There were some tips that were nice, but nothing really new.

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