Review for Mahoromi – Jikuu Kenchiku Genshitan Vol.1

Review for Mahoromi – Jikuu Kenchiku Genshitan Vol.1

Architecture, supernatural events, a mysterious girl, past and present intertwining, and gorgeous art.

Just a few words to sum up this amazing first volume in a series I will definitely be reading further.

I was already curious about the series due to the art, it looks exquisite, and it also reminded me of another series by this author that I tried.

This one starts off normally, as do a lot of supernatural manga. A guy moving in his grandpa’s old house (and find out his grandpa had someone he may have liked when he was younger), we see him go to college (architecture of course, just like his grandpa, and coincidentally, just like his old childhood friend (a girl named Akira). It isn’t until they both have to visit an old home up for demolition when supernatural stuff happens and when our MC’s life gets even more interesting. When he touches something (not everything works) and it is infused with many memories… he may be able to visit the past. And that is where a new person comes in, someone who looks exactly like the girl in the picture our MC found. With her help they can connect and find out what is needed to give the home peace (which can vary between showing a scenery to sending a letter to someone it was meant to be send to).

I have to say I was a bit disappointed by the mystery of the girl. I had thought she was also supernatural, like a ghost/someone with eternal life. But we find out she is the granddaughter and is the spitting image of her grandmother. Though I feel there is much more to her then that.
I hope that the next volumes will delve deeper in her past. Why she moved to her grandmother’s place, why she didn’t leave, those are just a few of the questions I have.

Next to the supernatural events we of course have other things coming up. For instance architecture. Lots of gorgeous architecture, and I was pretty angry that people would demolish such gorgeous homes. It just feels like disrespect to tear down something beautiful.
Every building we see is beautiful, and I wish I could just step into the manga and look at them for real. To touch those old stones, old doorknobs, to see the view.

Plus I am really curious about our MC, will he make it to be an architect? What buildings will he design? How will his internship go?

I am not quite sure about his sister though. Just coming in like that, and then also taking that with her. 😐
Yes, we also have some family stuff going on. Things to do with the grandfather, the grandmother, the struggles between grandfather and father. I hope this also gets explained more, what made them argue so much? What is up with the picture our MC found?

I am also curious if this will have any romance. I am shipping Mayuri and our MC, but then there is also Akira who is clearly interested in the MC.

The art is gorgeous and rich in details.

I will definitely continue reading this series, and I would recommend it to everyone who likes architecture and supernatural events.

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