Review for Misu Misou Vol.1

Review for Misu Misou Vol.1

Sorry, but what the actual hell did I just read?

I saw this would get a live action and was curious as the blurb sounded interesting, but now I wish I hadn’t read this one.

Sure, I could have stopped, but the chapters are pretty short and I was also curious to see if there would be any redemption (answer: no.).

This is one sick, disturbing manga. What is up with the kids in this manga? Are they all psychopaths? Bullying is one terrible thing, but the things these girls did? Wtf is wrong with you that you think that is actually OK to do? And that you will still continue even after that.
Plus the fact that it was apparently totally cool to just shoot at people or birds for the sake of laughs and boredom. 😐

Also I am pissed at that girl that is getting bullied when Haruka isn’t around. Oh, so you blame your bullying on Haruka? Whut? And thus you get pissy? Whut? And suddenly you have a need for revenge? Sorry, but girl, I think you may need to see a doctor.

Plus the bullying and the fact no one did anything against it? Oh, hey they do terrible things to this girl, oh well, she will just have to endure because the school is closing in 2 months. Ergh. Plus that they even went so far as to hurt Haruka’s father when he came to complain. I also hated the wishy-washy teacher. If you can’t teach then don’t.

The art was also weird and I didn’t like the style.

Nope, wouldn’t recommend this one.

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