Review for Sandwiches!

Review for Sandwiches!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Well, this was sure a lot of fun to read. Though I do wonder who would eat these sandwiches as breakfast or lunch. Given how some of them have a ton of ingredients… I think I would eat them as dinner, and only one sandwich, because some of them are a full course.

I loved how the book is split up in various sections. From easy, just slap some food and condiments on a sandwich, to full cooking (meat and other stuff) and preparing (make your own salads). This way you can either build up, or you can just start at your level.

It is truly a kids book given all the: Ask an adult for help, or be sure to have adult permission. 😛 Without that added this book can easily also be for adults.

The book is visually very pleasing to the eyes, I just love the illustrations. The book shows us how to make those sandwiches in a fun way. By showing the different layers in a sandwich with hints, tips, facts, but also with alternatives for various things so you can make a sandwich vegetarian or more for a meat eater.
Later on we also have parts explaining how to make certain things, and it is done in the same way as the sandwiches are split up.

Then there are dares (though I am really not going to try some of them, while I am for adventurous eating at times I don’t want to upset my stomach).

Each sandwich is introduced with a giant illustration of it, with some introduction, facts, country/state of origin, and much more.

There are also timelines, often based on various sandwiches, but also on sandwiches in general.

All in all, a really beautiful sandwich cookbook with lots of facts, information, and gorgeous illustrations. I would recommend this one!

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