Review for The Backstagers, Vol.1

Review for The Backstagers, Vol.1

I received this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review. (Well to be correct, I got #1 from NG, and #2-4 from the publisher.)

As I already said in my review for Issue #1, it seemed something went wrong on NG with the warning that was mentioned on the page of this one. The publisher took notice of my and other’s feedback that it didn’t show, and that we were disappointed it was only one issue instead of the whole book. She kindly send me the other 3 issues that, with #1, would make up this book. Thanks for everything!

Now, I will grab my review for #1, not everything, but the important bits. I will then add new comments in bold about the 3 issues that I read.

So yeah, not a happy camper, especially since this story was just so brilliant and I was really disappointed that I couldn’t read on with how it goes. Oh well, guess I will just find the other issues somewhere so I can continue it.
Way happier camper now that I was able to read up to #4. Though there was a cliffhanger (ARGHHHHH), but that is OK, it makes me more excited to see what will happen in the next one.
The story is definitely getting better and better, sure, I didn’t always like the cast, but the story, boy, that is awesome, and I love how much more there is still to be told. So much mystery, not only about that new world, but also about what happened in 1987.

I definitely loved the MC, he was a fun, sweet guy, and I loved how he went from meh and everything sucks to happy and joy. It was a great change to see, and I am happy for him that he finally was able to find a place in the theatre. Not as an actor, oh no, as something else, as he found that job a bit more exciting. Yes, it might be a bit spoilerish, but this all takes place in the first 25 pages of the volume (issue one is just 20-25 pages).
I do have to say I did see it coming, he just didn’t seem like the guy who would like acting. He loves to draw, he loves to make stuff, he seemed more fit for many of the other jobs in the theatre.
Loving him more and more with each passing page. Not always is he the focus of the story (like with one issue it was Beckett’s turn), but he is still the MC in my eyes. And he is just so adorable. I loved how he returned with a fully written notebook on all the questions he had about that world in the backstage parts of the stage. Plus he is so friendly, it is truly like he has been with this group for a long time instead of the short time it actually has been.

I also was a tad bit confused with it all, but then I got into it and I was a goner. I just wanted to know more about this underground world with its strangeness, weird creatures that love the colour red (and also have tools and such in them), tunnels that go on and on, and apparently no one but a certain select group is able to go and see these wonders. Then again it is as one of those guys said, people just don’t notice it, or people turn their noses up and ignore it. It is something that you see often in fantasy books. Magic stuff just lying in plain sight but no one but those who truly look spot it.
Yep, I am still loving it, and I am loving that we slowly find out more and more. There are still so many questions, questions that I hope will get answered one day, but until then I am satisfied with the pace, and with the worldbuilding. Every issue shows a little bit more of the world, lifts a bit more of the veil. We find out more about the inhabitants of that world, about rooms that just are there and what they contain. The echo spiders are creepy, but thankfully they didn’t truly mean that much harm.

The art is really colourful, fun, and I loved how the characters were drawn. Our MC was just adorable with his random blushing (I am so shipping him with that big burly guy, Hunter, yes, I am that kind of girl, sorry).
Yep, the art is still a big favourite, though at times the body proportions seemed a bit off. Arms or hands that were a bit too big. But no biggie for me, I still enjoy it.
And yes, I am shipping our MC and Hunter so much, even more now in the parts I just read. They just fit together so perfectly, I love how Hunter is all protective and sweet, and how our MC just wasn’t sure how to handle it, though he does a good job and is very sweet back. It is just so adorable, and I hope that these 2 will get together one day, and maybe a kissing scene? Awww please? Please? puppy eyes

I also love the Beckett x that actress part. Oh boy, I am shipping another couple!

Sasha? Well, let me just say I thought those twin actors were bad, but Sasha is worse. How old is he again? 4? Maybe 5? Because that is all I will give him. Not much more. His attitude is terrible, his work ethic is even worse. He ruined something that he knew mattered a lot. Just because apparently the little poophead can’t see that he should act a bit more adult, more responsible. He even broke something because of this. What a terrible character. I do hope that he will turn around and grow up a bit, because really, how did this guy even become a backstager? :[

We also meet up with the stage managers, and while I did like them, I am wondering what is going on with them, they are a bit shifty about certain things. Plus how old are they? Did they get stuck in high school or something? I wouldn’t think these guys are 18. I would rather say 22 or older.

Plus we meet the adviser, and at first I liked him, but with that ending? I am not sure about his intentions. Can’t wait to see what is going on with this character.

I definitely want to read more, and so I will continue reading this series. It is so much fun, and I am still amazed that it is a comic that doesn’t throw people in at a random interval and doesn’t give a lick of care about telling peeps what happens or what is going on. No, instead there is a bit of confusion, but that is OK as that is the same thing our MC is going through!
Yep, still fully agree with myself on this part. I am still so happy that this is one of those comics that doesn’t throw you into a fiery pit of confusion and doesn’t give you anything back. Sure, it does throw you into a semi-fiery pit of confusion, but the MC is also going through that phase, and together with him we can figure it all out!

All in all, I definitely, definitely, love this series, and I would highly recommend it to everyone. There is mystery, magic, strangeness, nitwit actors, sweet romance, and much more!

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