Review for Three Little Monkeys

Review for Three Little Monkeys

Welp, this was just bad, and it looked so good and fun! 🙁

Going by the blurb and also the cover it would be a book I would enjoy, but sadly the book was full of repetitions that were fun once, but lost their charm after the second time. I just hated those monkeys. Plus I found them highly creepy with their dead stares and no reactions when their owner was angry.

I was just waiting for them to start reacting, but… instead they don’t. When the last repetition is supposed to start they suddenly start behaving (without reason), and after that magically they never make such a big mess. It was really confusing as there was just no trigger for them to suddenly behave after breaking the house for days.

If I was the owner I would have either found someone to train the monkeys, or just brought them to a sanctuary. Besides, monkeys aren’t pets.

So I mostly stayed for the cute (well with the exception of dead eyes) illustrations.

But all in all, this was a big disappointment.

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