Review for Waste of Space

Review for Waste of Space

A perfect book when one has a crappy week (and longer). Space, reality shows, some romance, and hilarious situations involving pigs?

Warning: Chaotic and long-ish review.

I am a big fan of Gina Damico, and so I have been looking forward to this book since it was announced. Especially with that blurb, I just had to read it. I love books about reality shows, and I was curious what twists and turns would be announced.

The book is made up out of phone conversations, interviews, episode transcripts, and the occasional normal writing. At first it took me a bit to get used to the format, but after a while? I just didn’t want anything else. Plus I also don’t think this book would have the same impact if it was written normally. Now you really get up and close with the action, and you can see each and every detail of what is going on with the show.

I loved that we really see every aspect of the show. From the start, production, to the show itself, and how it all ends. Though I have to say, probably due to my head being in other places, I didn’t realise this took place after the show (yes, I know that it is mentioned in various places, so imagine how out of the world my head was). So I was pretty much feeling frustrated when it seemed that Chazz would get away with it. And then I realised.. OMG this is of course set AFTER everything, that means….. 😛

I didn’t like every character. Some I loved, some I hated. Like Chazz, he was just a terrible, terrible person, and I hope he will get what he deserves. He put kids into harms way, he kidnapped kids (poor Kaoru and Matt), he only cares about ratings and views and not about anything else, and I could go on, the list is long!
I also didn’t like his nephew, what a terrible egoistic guy that was. Then again, I guess it runs in the family…. 😐
Louise and her delusions, sorry, I would call what she thought that. Girl, please, it is OK if you want to believe in something, but to act like this? To not see reality at all? Maybe you should talk to someone about this. She was just so annoying and I just wanted to throw her out of the ship.
Hibiscus. Not the kind of girl I would like in real life. She was just way too annoying with her 1% crap, and her OMG save the earth or else attitude (I am all for saving the earth, but I feel that one shouldn’t push others to do it or act all high and mighty like Hibiscus did).

Before I go to the people I quite liked I want to go for the people that were so-so.
Like Jamarkus (what is up with that name). I am still not entirely sure what to think of him. On the one hand he had some good reasons, on the other hand, bleh. He did redeem himself in the end + he was pretty nice at times in the show.
Snout and his pig. Another guy who was pretty nice, but I am still not sure if I truly liked him or not. I didn’t quite like the fact he just took his pig with him, really dude, are you also going to take that with you when you are meeting a girl, or during other moments in your life? I don’t see anyone else take their pet with them, do you?
Kaoru. I loved this girl, but the reason why she is in this category and not the love was because how little she was in the show. I am guessing it is because of her not speaking the English language (or only barely), but I wished she was around more. Maybe even tried communicating a bit more with the other kids, even if it was hard, I am sure she knows more than just Kettle, Fish. I also found it weird that so much was still broadcasted, but yet no one, NO ONE, came forward to help her out. I am sure there are enough people who speak/understand Japanese (and since this is broadcasted all over the world in the end), plus come on, this girl got kidnapped, isn’t there anyone who is missing her?
Matt. He was just there. Not really that interested, he was a bit like wallpaper.

Now for my likes/loves.
Nico. It took me some time to get used to him, but after a while I really liked him. I grew fond of him, and was interested in his situation and what drove him to sign up for the show. His camera stuff got a bit annoying, but it was also sweet that he kept talking like this to his parents.
Titania. My favourite girl. She was just too awesome. I loved her backstory and when we found out everything I just wanted to hug her tight.
Bacardi. Yes, a surprise favourite. At first I wasn’t sure what to think of this girl, but later, oh boy, she quickly became one of my favourites. She was just too awesome. 😛

Yes, even with so many characters sitting between bad and so-so, I still enjoyed the book. Because you really need those characters to make the reality show stuff to work. If everyone just gets along, and if you just don’t dislike anyone it becomes a bit boring and bland. Now you got your favourites you want to win, or root for, and your dislikes to boo at.

The reality show parts were really fun to read about, plus it was also great fun to see the characters discuss/think if it was all truly real or if it was just all fake. And also see those feelings waver when certain events happened.
I had a laugh with what Chazz thought up to make it more interesting (though I definitely have to say I didn’t approve of most of them as they were dangerous). And it was quite nice that we also see reviews/comments from people who watch the show.

There are quite a few twists and turns which make the story even more interesting and fun to read. Of course I won’t say what they were as they would spoil the story. But I can promise you that they are great.

The ending was absolutely brilliant, and that last pages? I cried. So much. It was just the best ending for this book, it was perfection.

I could go on a bit longer about the book, but I think I have mentioned everything important. So I will just leave with this: Read this book! It is awesome, brilliant, it will make you laugh, it will make you scream at characters, and then end it with tears.

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