Review for Worth It

Review for Worth It

3 friends, 1 wedding, angry ducks, and oh yes, a bit of revenge, what could possibly go wrong?

I am going to try to write a review, though it may be a bit chaotic, because boy this book, wow! <3

We get to see the POV of 2 of those friends, namely Kasha and Henley. The book switches between their POVs. I loved both of the girls instantly. And I also liked Lydia. I am still hoping that girl gets her own book, I am quite curious about her weekend. We see flashes of it through Kasha and Henley’s POV but it is just not enough for me.

Kasha was fantastic! I adored her from the first moment. I was also very curious about her arm. I hear you say her arm? Well she has a prosthetic arm. For most of the book we don’t really find out what has happened that she lost her arm, only that it happened not that long ago. I am quite happy that we didn’t find out the story instantly. Now it was really personal and private when she did tell Roman about it.
Though the arm is a handful. 😛 She is still in the testing mode and um, there are some hilarious scenes where the arm does certain things because Kasha was unconsciously thinking about certain things. Too the point that Roman definitely didn’t want Jill anywhere near his, um, certain parts.
The stuff she does while at the wedding? Brilliance, pure brilliance. She is quite the evil girl at times. I wouldn’t mess with her if I had the chance.
We also see some of her family history (since it is her stepbrother who is marrying). I loved that it was added. It fitted the book perfectly, and didn’t feel out of place at all. If anything it gave just that extra depth to the story. Like sprinkles on an already delicious cupcake.

Then there is Henley, clumsy Henley who in the span of a week shows more underwear to the world than anyone might want to do. Yep. This girl is really clumsy. She bumps against stuff, falls, trips, and much more. But that gave her charm. I wasn’t really annoyed with it, in fact I found her adorable.
She also gets a backstory which has to do with the guy she meets. We find out about her past, about how these two know each other, but also what happened between them and why Henley is so uncertain about everything. And I can say I don’t blame her for not trusting Davis at first, and also running away at times. I would probably have done the same.
Like Kasha she also pulls some tricks to make the wedding a little bit spicier, and just like Kasha… I don’t want to mess with this girl.

I loved both the bachelor and the bachelorette party. I just laughed so hard when all those things got oh so much out of hand. 😛 Penises everywhere + strippers + xtc (don’t ask) for a bachelorette party. And then the bachelor party with dominatrix strippers and oh yes #yama!

Then again all the events just got better with a bit of Kasha/Henley extra added to it.

I was rooting for both the girls and their guys. Oh my fans herself the sparks just flew around and almost set fire to my kindle pets her poor kindle. Even outside of the steamy scenes the sparks were flying, plus I just loved the banter between the characters. It made everything even better.

Steamy scenes? OH boy, yes, so many steamy scenes, but, thankfully (sorry, I am still not entirely up for reading explicit sex scenes, it just feels a bit too private for me to read), nothing too graphic. Of course there are descriptions (plus hilarious tales afterwards), but nothing too explicit. But you will definitely have to cool down after reading some of the scenes, believe me. So hold some cold water or ice cubes near you. 😛

I also loved that while the general tone is lighthearted, hilarious, funny, there is also enough seriousness to add a new flavour to the mix. As the week pass the girls find out that they are quite happy with the guys, and that they actually don’t want to leave them. Thus they start to think what they are going to do. Long distance? Will it all work? Will x go away again? Is it truly something more than just a fuck-week?
And again, also the whole family stuff is there as well.

Extra love go to the ending + epilogue. I love that the authors added those chapters!

All in all, I laughed myself silly during many of the scenes, not to mention I had to cool myself down for several of the steamy scenes.

I would highly recommend this one to everyone!

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