Review for Yuru Camp△ Vol.1

Review for Yuru Camp△ Vol.1

I decided to check this one out as it is getting an anime. And also because it looks absolutely delightful.

It is a bit like Yama no Susume, just a bit less of the cute girls doing cute camping/hiking, it is a tad more realistic. In this manga we have several girls who love camping. We start off with Rin, but later Nadeshiko pops in, followed by the camping club she joins.

I have to say I liked Rin way more than I did Nadeshiko. Rin was just a bit more relatable to me with her need to be alone and enjoy something on her own. Also the fact she adored reading so much. Nadeshiko just didn’t get the social cues to stop being so gung-ho about things and push herself to people. Like when Rin was just having a good time alone, camping, and suddenly there was Nadeshiko.

I had a laugh at the camping club and their room. It was just soooo tiny, and I was amazed at the fact they were still able to stand there. The camping club really seems like a club I would join. It was fun to see their activities (how to go camping in a cheap way), and later on also their camping trip.

I found out some new things about camping (like that in Japan they have a tent you can open like an umbrella and then poof it is there).

The art is beautiful, the author really has a way with drawing backgrounds. You can just imagine yourself sitting there and enjoying the view.

There is a ton of camping, gorgeous art, hilarious situations, and friendship!

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