Waiting on Wednesday ~ Thirst

Waiting on Wednesday ~ Thirst


Today a book that isn’t a pre-order, or a book that comes out in a few months. No this is a book I ordered last week and is meant for my vacation. I spotted it (miraculously) at my bookstore, and I just was absorbed in the book. I already loved the cover, but then the story just pulled me under.

It doesn’t have zombies, it doesn’t have vampires, the world isn’t ending by a meteorite, instead there is no water. There is no help. Electricity is down as well. What happens to humanity when something as basic as water disappear? I am definitely curious if our MC will make it home (when I left him he was running towards his home), and what will happen to him and his wife, and his community. I also wonder how the story will develop, will we get an explanation as to what has happened to the water? And how will the world continue without water?

On a searing summer evening, Eddie Chapman has been stuck in a traffic jam for hours. There are accidents along the highway, but ambulances and police are conspicuously absent. When he decides to abandon his car and run home, he sees that the trees have been burned and the water in the stream bed is gone. Something is very wrong. When he arrives home, there is a power cut and no running water. The pipes everywhere, it seems, are dry.

Eddie and his wife, Laura, find themselves thrust together with their neighbours while a sense of unease thickens in the stifling night air. Thirst takes place in the immediate aftermath of a mysterious disaster – the Chapmans and their community suffer the effects of the heat, their thirst and the terrifying realisation that no one is coming to help. As violence rips through the community, Eddie and Laura are forced to recall secrets from their past and question their present humanity.

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