Library Haul 1-8-2017

Library Haul 1-8-2017


Yay, for vacations! Which means I can do a visit to Library #3 during the weekdays! I can always use new Library #3 books, I only had 2 books left, and that was only because I was waiting for my vacation to start before I could read those. 😛

I did bring those two with me, in case I found 12 new books, but thankfully I only found 10 books. 🙂

This time I mostly got graphic novels/comics/manga (yes, there is some manga to be found in Libraries if you are very lucky, 99% it is the terribly, cringey Dutch translated manga), because there weren’t that many normal books to be found. I only found 2 normal books (both of them new). I blame it being summer vacation everywhere, libraries are much emptier around the July/August months.

So stats: 10 new books. 3 manga, 2 fiction, 3 comics, 2 graphic novels.

Gals Vol.2 by Mihona Fujii
Gals Vol.3 by Mihona Fujii
Shadowsmith by Ross MacKenzie
There May Be a Castle by Piers Torday
Blankets by Craig Thompson
The Good Neighbor #1: Kin by Holly Black, Ted Naifeh
Elsje 4 by Eric Hercules, Gerben Valkema
Oenk by Eric Hercules, Gerben Valkema
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Vol.1 by Hayao Miyazaki
Cedric #8 by Raoul Cauvin, Laudec

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