Library Haul 12-8-2017

Library Haul 12-8-2017

Hi everyone!

Happy weekend everyone! Today I went to Library #2 to get some new books plus to pick up my 4 reserved/on-hold books.

Which could have been 5 reserved/on-hold books, but as I have noticed many times, the library people are a bit slow and it takes days for them to find a book put as reserved/on-hold. Like one of the books I reserved/on-hold (and which was in library) 10 days ago, but got checked out 3 days ago by someone else. 😐 Sorry, I am just not too happy about these things. Same thing happened today when I found one of my reservations in 5 minutes (I was curious if I could find it + didn’t want to wait another week (or longer if someone else took it with them)). Of course I took the book with me and cancelled my reservation. I am very patient, but if it takes them 3 to 7 days to find a book that is in their own library location and at the correct place, sorry. I just don’t get why it needs to take them this long. They aren’t that big, they have enough people working/helping.

Sorry, for the rant, I just had to get that out of my system. sighs a bit Let’s get back to my haul! I found 8 books while wandering through the library, and together with my 4 reservations, I have 12 new books! Yay!

No more Cedric’s, but I did manage to find a new Noortje, and 3 Vrouwen in ‘t Wit (potential new comic series candidate), and a new Kathy’s Kat.

Stats: 12 books. 5 comics, 2 non-fiction, 5 fiction.

Meester Jaap by Jacques Vriens, Annet Schaap
New York Specials by Willem Post, Ton Wienbelt
Wolf heeft kriebels by Roberto Pavanello, Andrea Castellani
Monster van het IJsselmeer by Iris Boter, Karine van der Zon
Rosa’s Diary by Ingrid Medema, Esther Leeuwrik
Leven als een astronaut: jouw buitenaardse avontuur by Mark Brake
Mama, wat is dat? by Milja Praagman
Vrouwen in ‘t wit: 26 by Raoul Cauvin, Philippe Bercovici
Vrouwen in ‘t wit: 28 by Raoul Cauvin, Philippe Bercovici
Vrouwen in ‘t wit: 30 by Raoul Cauvin, Philippe Bercovici
Noortje – Zet ‘m op! by Jan Steeman, Patty Klein
Kathy’s kat deel 6 by Christophe Cazenove, Yrgane Ramon, Hervé Richez

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