Library Haul 19-8-2017

Library Haul 19-8-2017

Hi everyone!

Happy weekend all! Today I went to Library #2 to pick up my 9 reservations/on-holds and to wander around to search for a few more books! In the end I found 5 other books, bringing my total books up to 14.

Like almost always with Library #2 my haul is nice blend of non-fiction and fiction, adult and children books.

Ah, and I am still giving that Vrouwen in ‘t Wit one more chance. It is already impossible to find them (only Library #3 has them and I don’t visit that one enough to bring a lot with me (since I only have a 12 book limit)), plus the jokes are hit and miss, and I am still not sure if I like the art that much. Oh well, one can’t like everything. 🙂

Stats: 14 new books. 6 fiction, 2 comics, 6 non-fiction.

Meester Jaap doet het weer by Jacques Vriens, Annet Schaap
Het eind is ons begin by Megan Hunter
Onopgelost en waargebeurd by Guy Didelez, Frank Pollet
De geest van dokter Muffa by Roberto Pavanello, Blasco Pisapia
Isabella gaat kamperen by Harriet Muncaster
Donders! Je mag de tandarts niet bijten! by Selma Noortm Els van Egeraat
Het boek voor meisjes met lef by Caroline Paul
Lentefriebels by Karen Van Holst Pellekaan, Rick de Haas
Handletteren by Thy Doan Graves
Krokodil of Alligator by Emma Strack, Guillaume Plantevin
Het stoere Ketnet bouwboek by Hilde Smeesters
Vrouwen in ‘t wit #29 by Raoul Cauvin, Philippe Bercovici
Wakanda by Étienne Willem
Het buitengewone beestenboek by Yuval Zommer, Lucy Brownridge

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