Library Haul 23-8-2017

Library Haul 23-8-2017


So today was a gorgeous day, plus I had some time, so I decided to bring back my old Library #4 books and get some fresh pages.

Its been a while since I was at the Library #4 branch/location that was nearest to me (last time I went was before my vacation), so I was quite happy to visit. Sadly, I didn’t have that good of a haul, I did spot some new books up on their catalogue/site, but it seems those were all out. 🙁

But I found 4 new books to read, one is a bit of a maybe (Dierenridders), but I am looking forward to reading the rest.

Stats; 4 books. 2 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

Gewoon Mies by Mies Bouwman
Ademloos by Gerard van Gemert, Mark Janssen
Een kans voor een kat by Iris Boter, Mark Janssen
Penny Rassenboek by Bob Langrish

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