Library Haul 9-8-2017

Library Haul 9-8-2017


Today I finally was able to make one of my wishes come true. My Library #4 is actually one of 4 libraries set in one region/part of the province (all (relatively) close together of course). There are 2 tiny ones (so not really worth visiting + they are barely open) and 2 normal ones. One of those normal ones is the library I visit all the time (it close to my home), the other one is a bit too far (about an hour of cycling (and, as you could have guessed, an hour back again). There is a bus, but good luck getting to that one + it takes as long, if not longer because it stops everywhere and takes the long way). But I have been wanting to visit that library for some time. So, since it is vacation, I asked my boyfriend if we could go together. On his motorcycle. Thankfully today was gorgeous weather, perfect motorcycle weather.

And after some time riding past/through some gorgeous scenery (grassland, woods, farms) we arrived at the library. And boy, I was already in love. It is almost the same size as the library I normally visit, however it is two stories instead of one. I had to find out where everything was, but I quickly found my way. I was a bit sad to see the state of the library though. Books just stuffed in crates (wooden), or books stuffed and stacked high and awkwardly on shelves. It was also quite chaotic. I hope they are able to get a bit more help/shelf space. Those books deserve to get some good places.

I did love that they split up Childrens/YA and Adult/Adult Non-fiction. The first floor is all for the kids/teens, and the ground floor is for the adults.

I found 8 books, including 3 Cedrics I still had to read (yay!). I can’t wait to start reading them. And I also may have found a new comic series: Vrouwen in ‘t Wit, a comic about hospitals/nurses/cleaning ladies. It is by the same guy who also wrote Cedric, so I have high expectations.

Stats: 8 books. 4 comics, 1 graphic novel, 1 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

De villa in de duinen by Anneriek van Heugten
De test by Joelle Charbonneau
Happy Nails 2 by Elfi de Bruyn
Schat by Lucie Durbiano
Vrouwen in ‘t wit: 32 by Raoul Cauvin
Cedric #17 by Raoul Cauvin, Laudec
Cedric #18 by Raoul Cauvin, Laudec
Cedric #23 by Raoul Cauvin, Laudec

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