Review for A Bear’s Life

Review for A Bear’s Life

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Bears, bears everywhere! I just had to try out this book when I spotted it at Netgalley. I love bears, and the cover looked adorable.

Sadly, the book was pretty chaotic, we jump from topic to topic, of course all about bears (and one raven), but at times I thought I missed pages because we suddenly went from cubs to beaches and shells. I know this is a short book, but it would really have benefited from a bit more order. Maybe even some pages in-between to announce what the next topic is (hey, it is a good excuse to add more of those cute bear photographs).

The sentences are also a bit hopscotch. Just like how the topics go from one to another, that is also what it feels like with the sentences. I get they want to have kids understand it easily, but I am not sure if kids will benefit from this in this particular book.

Still I will rate this book 3 stars. Why? The pictures are just the best (and adorable), the format (as in pictures + text) is done well, plus you can actually read the text when it is pasted on the photographs.

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