Review for Anne Happy, Vol.4

Review for Anne Happy, Vol.4

I was really excited to read this one, I was curious as to how far the anime was adapted and when we would see some original not yet animated content.

Well, not with this one. This was pretty much all adapted into the anime. Still very much fun to see the situations happen again. Though I am still not entirely sure about the exams going on in that school (it seems really dangerous). Plus it gets a bit ridiculous that our MCs keep on losing. I get they have the worst luck, but really? It would be nice to see them place third or maybe second. They have no hope on first, but at least let them have some wins at times. 🙁

As I also said in previous volume reviews, I love Botan, but I am getting really sick and tired of her attitude and her self-image. I get that she feels she is a burden, but to call herself garbage, trash, filth, and other such words? No. I just hate that.

I also don’t like Hibiki. She is so obsessed with being the best, with being fabulous, and she is just too bossy and doesn’t see her own faults. She only sees herself, oh and Ren. It just gets annoying and someone needs to shake some sense in that girl.

Of course there is enough good about the volume. Like the beach/resort thing, the camping and the first part of the tag game was fun. Especially when one reads this one during the summer. It just fits perfect with this warm weather we have here.

I am also still curious about the teacher and what her true goals are, and I do wish some backstory on her. There is a big mysterious vibe surrounding her, and she occasionally hints towards things. Not to mention her very scary looks and how strong she is. I hope that the manga will one day address these things. It would be fun.

Furthermore I just adore Hanako and how she never gives up. It doesn’t matter if she is stuck in a waterwheel, or falling in pits of mud, she will just keep on going. She doesn’t let her bad luck define her, instead searching for good things. 🙂 Most people with her luck would have become depressed, unhappy, shut-ins, but not Hanako.

The art is also really great, and I love the expressions (they are so funny at times), the eyes, and many other elements.

All in all, I guess I will have to get Volume 5 soon. I am quite curious about the Culture Fes. And I would recommend this volume (and the series) to everyone.

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