Review for Disney Manga: Tangled

Review for Disney Manga: Tangled

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I never did finish the movie (fell asleep, not sure if it as because of the movie or me being sleepy), but I was curious about the manga. Would it follow the same story? Would it be totally different? How about the art?

Well, up to the part I have watched it follows the movie perfectly (so about 60% until it wasn’t all a rehash of what I already saw), sure, it is a bit faster (like watching the movie sped-up), there is no annoying singing (yay).

Did I like it however? Not really. I guess I really did fall asleep because the movie was so boring. 😛 There are just too many things that seem illogical, like the hair that changes length each panel. Plus not to mention even the fact that it is just impossible to have so much hair and just walk through a forest or field or whatever else without getting stuck. Or the fact that using your hair for those things…. it must hurt like hell.
The horse? I hated it in the movie, and it was just as terrible in the manga.

I did tear up because of the ending though. It was a predicted ending, and I knew it was coming, but I was still tearing up. It was wonderful.

Plus her hair looks much better in the last scenes. 😛

The art was pretty OK though, a bit derpy at times, but generally it fitted perfectly with the magical story.

So all in all, I can’t give this one higher than 2.5 stars. 1 star for the ending. 1 star for the best hairdo in the last scenes. 0.5 stars for the art.

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  1. Tangled will never be one of my favorite Disney movies, but it has it’s moments. And yeah, the horse was a bit too much…
    Will Tokyopop publish more Disney stories as a manga? Or have they already? Cause Bambi or the Lion King as manga… That would be awesome!

    1. I am glad I am not the only one not liking the horse. 🙂
      I would think they will be publishing more, but that also depends if there is more Disney manga in Japan. The Rapunzel one just got licensed by TokyoPop, but the manga is not new, not in Japan at least, it is from 2011. I would love Bambi or Lion King as manga. And also Ariel!

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