Review for Feeling Worried

Review for Feeling Worried

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I am a big worrywart myself, so I was quite interested in this book. I was curious as to what Ava would do/say, plus I was curious if there would be notes (like a few other books I read) for parents/teachers (yes, there were and they were quite good).

It was quite a nice book, but it was a bit sameish throughout the whole book. Someone has a problem > Ava is magically there to talk it over > problem fixed. Lastly it is Ava who has a problem > talks it over/does some things to relax > done. While there is a time continuation, it felt stilted. Which is a shame, if this was less of a repeat, had a bit more natural flow/story, it would have been much much better.

I did like Ava, though I do hope she also takes a breather at times. If this is how almost every day is going to be then she will be burnt out by 15 years old. 😛 Helping people is good, but you should also take care of yourself and maybe let someone else help out those in need of help.

I liked what the parents did to make Ava feel better about going to a dentist. I wish my parents had done that (I never was a big fan of dentists).

I had a laugh at Mila’s hair. When she gets introduced/sits in class she has grey-ish hair, but outside it is dark brown. I can speak from experience that this doesn’t happen.

The art is pretty nice, I like the style, it reminds me a bit of Tony Ross his style.

All in all, a pretty decent book about worrying and what to do about it.

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