Review for First Day Friends

Review for First Day Friends

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

Dear Lord, I don’t need any sugar today, no sirree, I got my sugar overload with this book. Yep. This book is one sugarbomb. I am not a grumpy person or hate on happiness, but this was just too much OMG sweet, OMG happiness, OMG magical friendships, OMG magical I am OK with this situation.

I already had a feeling it would be this when I read the first few pages. Kevin was a breath of fresh (non-sweet) air of normalcy in this sugar-infested, happy happy, yay life is fun, book. Sadly, Kevin was converted to the sugar side in a magical way which I will blame due to sugar rush or sugar overdose. Whichever you like. 😛

Everyone was just happy, everyone listened to the teacher, no one complained, no one cried (well except Kevin, again, breath of fresh air), when someone fell? They made a joke, complimented the dude on his amazing fall, and then laughed, whut? I know it is a kids book, but really, does it need to be that sugar and happiness?

The art was quite OK, the style isn’t totally to my liking, but credit where credit is due, it was well made. It was, just like how sugar-infested the story was, colourful and bright and shiny.

But would I recommend this book? Eh, I am not sure. If you don’t mind a world in which seemingly no one is angry, no one gets sad, and if they do they will get converted to sugar in a snap of a finger (dum dum dum :P) then sure go ahead and read this.

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