Review for Hello, Sunshine

Review for Hello, Sunshine

0.5, and just no. No, and more no. Hello, Goodbye.

0.5 stars… only because it took place in LA/Hollywood. Other than that… well, let me list some reasons. I am still on vacation and I frankly don’t want to think of this book any more, so I will just make a list of reasons why I didn’t like this book, or actually, the MC.

-Oh, hey, I am just going to live in effing Hollywood, I got 4000 dollars that should be enough right? Um, girl, you need a) an apartment b) furniture c) stuff for your kitchen d) food e) rent money f) reserve money (in case of a big purchase) g) money to do your laundry h) do I need to go on? Anyway, it seemed that this girl didn’t realise at ALL that she may not make it with that money. If anything she probably thought she was just going to stroll into an agency and BANG job. No.
-Her apartment is absolutely disgusting and she has no idea how to clean it the correct way.
-When she just gets there and goes to IKEA with a neighbour of hers, she text her mom a picture of his license plate, just in case he is a murderer/rapist/etc. Yet, a month (or so) later she steps into the car of a guy from a theatre show she barely knows. But hey, he is hot. So that is OK? Right? RIGHT???
-She leads that poor neighbour guy on (I would call it that she is clearly flirting), she knows he has feelings for her. But it isn’t until the moment that things really go sparkling that she rejects him and calls for the ex-boyfriend card.
-She is then totally confused why he is avoiding her. Gee, I wonder why?
-Not that long afterwards she has a one-night stand with a guy (apparently it was OK then).
-Whom she thinks is going to be her boyfriend + probably will be a couple forever and ever.
-Which is just weird, he was really clear about his intentions.
-And yes, she does the unthinkable. She goes to him to talk about THE SEX. *sighs*

-I also don’t believe she has never seen porn. Maybe it is different in America, but here the playboy magazines and such are high up in the shelves in stores, but they are still visible.
-Her reaction to said porn was hilarious.
-Plus her stereotyping of said porn was pretty rude and weird.
-Did I mention that she has no way how to work finances? She gets a 100 dollar tip and spends it on a fucking shirt. I can imagine you may want to buy something fun, but really, you need that money for rent. And buying one little shirt when you could use other things…. sorry, no.
-Oh yes, and as a Christmas present she buys her mom a 250 dollar cashmere (or something else expensive) scarf. Yep, she is poor as dirt, but hey, just do it.
-When she needs money for rent she goes out to beg, um set up a thing on the street to earn money. While making a comment about buying jeans and oysters…. she totally forgot about the fucking rent.
-Oh yes, at one point she gets a credit card…. and has used 3000 of the 5000 limit. What the fuck is wrong with this girl? Is this a normal thing? To just grab a credit card and spend the money? You have to pay it back… (Which she does, but really, I am worried about that an 18 year old can just get credit cards and do stuff like this.)sighs
-Throughout the entire book I have no clue why this girl wants to act. There is one or so mention of her having done acting in High School, but given how clueless this girl is throughout most of the book about acting, about agents, about anything actually it seems to me more that it is just a little fling. Something that came up when she got rejected by all the colleges. She did zero research. She just bases her stuff on someone she knew in school.
-I would rather see her write scripts, or make movies of her own, that seems to be more of her forte.
-The petty rivalry with Brooke that at times pops up in the book was just terrible. Girl, please. Focus on your own life.
-Alex. Man, I liked him the first few pages, but after that I just wanted him out of the story, but sadly our MC just keeps on thinking about him. sighs
-The ending. Happy ending for Becca….. everything just suddenly is magically OK. The guy stalking her? He was keeping an eye on her and wants to offer her a thing at his new agency. The collage/application stuff? Magically handed in with a recommendation letter by her friends to the college of her dreams. Which btw is also coincidentally the one her neighbour (and love interest) is going to. Also the teacher there knows all about Becca.
-Why couldn’t she be a bit more honest about the college stuff with her mom? She kept lying and lying and lying some more. I don’t like that at all. Her mom even send her money to help out with the cost of applications (apparently that costs money).
-In fact, why couldn’t she be honest all the time with her mom.
-The petty drama near the end when something is revealed about one of the character. Oh, good lord girl….
-The way the girl saw the world, how she handled stuff? It felt more like a 12/13 year old who ran away from home than an 18-year old with a plan.

I could go on a bit longer, but I think I got most points. This was a book I was really looking forward to, but sadly it was not meant to be. Maybe next time with a more sensible, acting her age MC.

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