Review for Kid Normal

Review for Kid Normal

You don’t need to have superpowers to be super!

This is a wise lesson that a lot of superheroes will be learning in this book.

Because for some silly reason as misheard words Murph is allowed at a school…. for superheroes! Yep, everyone at the school has a Cape. Yes, a Cape, not a clothing item made to have people look either very silly or very awesome (depending on how you wear it), but Capability. Each of these students have one. From silly ones (screaming teeth anyone?) to awesome ones (controlling storm clouds/the weather).
And then there is Murph. Or Kid Normal as he is quickly called. But even with that, and even with the way he gets treated, he doesn’t want to leave the school. He is having the best time ever and there is still so much to be explored. Yep, I loved Murph. He never gave up, and he was hard at work to discover all there is about superheroes. Plus, even if he didn’t have superpowers, he kept showing that you can be a hero without being super.

I did feel sorry for him, and also his brother. That they had to move around so much. Never being able to make a lot of friends because you may have to move at any moment again. I do wonder what kind of job his mom has, and if she can’t just find another job just like it without having to move constantly. Eh, I guess it was some sort of plot device. Meant to add some backstory + make certain events happen.

While I didn’t like the fact the school tried to ship off Murph to help the caretaker, in the end I can say it was a good thing. Yes, I am not happy that they have them work, but due to Murph working with the caretaker we find out more and more about the school and about the teachers. The revelation about the caretaker and a certain other person? I loved it!

I loved his friends, or the Superzeroes, their powers were really fun. From flying to summoning horses (tiny ones at that, but hey, horses!). It isn’t often that I instantly love characters, but with these kids? I just wanted to know more about them, see what makes them tick. And I loved how accepting they were of Murph. A lot of students treated Murph with disrespect, but these kids liked him for who he was, and wanted to be friends with him.

The later chapters (and thus also the ending) were such a blast. I loved seeing our Superzeroes try to figure out how to save their classmates, they were really great, and I don’t think any adults (or better superheroes) could have done it better. It was all really exciting to read + I was cheering when these kids found out more about their powers and what they could do. They learned more in that short time span than the months in CT class (then again, it isn’t a big surprise with such a terrible teacher).

Some extra about the ending. I won’t spoil anything, but it was such a delight to read and I was cheering all the way. Those 5 definitely deserved what they got. I was happy with how it all came together in the end, as there were some things that were a bit worrying.

I didn’t like the villain at all. I know, I know, we are meant to dislike him, but I really really disliked him. I just hate wasps with a passion. They are vile creatures. So yeah, I wasn’t all too happy with getting a POV for them, or someone close to them. Ick, no. Bah. So I wasn’t all too happy when we kept getting POVs from them, or that Knox fella. Plus it really pulled me out of the story as I couldn’t give a dip about the whole villain thing. Yes, you are doing something bad, now shoo and let me read more about Murph and his friends.

The next guy on my URGHHHHH list was the teacher. Mr. Flash. My word, what a terrible, terrible, giant douche canoe. And this is a teacher… Someone who should be kind, caring, nurturing, not being a total doodoo head and hurting kids with his words. He will say anything and he doesn’t care if he hurts anyone with his words. I kept wishing someone would say something about it, tell him to stop, or even fire him, but I guess rotten attitude is OK at that school. Sadly. He would make a perfect villain.

The book is also filled with fun, hilarious illustrations. They made the book even more fun, and the characters were mostly as I would envision them from reading the book.

All in all, really recommended, be warned though, you may just roll off your chair laughing while reading, so prop up a few pillows around your chair just in case. As for me? I can’t wait for the second book.

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