Review for Max and Bird

Review for Max and Bird

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This is my first Max book, I have heard of him before, but never had the chance to read a book about him. So I was fairly excited when I was approved for this book.

In this book Max makes a deal with a tiny little bird. Not only that Max also learns a valuable lesson.

I really liked Max, he was cute, and I could understand that he may want to chase (and eat) that bird. That is what cats do. So I was quite curious about what would happen after the deal. Would he still chase, and eventually eat, the bird? Or would they become good friends. Of course I won’t spoil the ending, haha, no. You will just have to read, but believe me, it was adorable.

I did think it was hilarious that the bird came to the cat about flying lessons. It was fun to see them figure out flying, and trying it out both (even though the cat had to know he can never fly like that). It was great that they never gave up, that they were really determined to just keep on going. To just keep on trying.

The art is pretty basic, it did fit with the story, but I am not really impressed with it. Not really my favourite art style.

But all in all, I would recommend this one. It is a funny picture book, and I had fun reading it.

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