Review for OMG… Is He Also a Witch?!

Review for OMG… Is He Also a Witch?!

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This is book 3 in a series, but no worries, you can just read this as a stand-alone. I haven’t read any of the other books and I understood everything just fine. Mostly because the book seems to just be a new story about April, with new adventures, and a new lesson to learn. There are some references to how she got the book/found her powers/a few things that went wrong, but other than that not much more.

The story was delightful and fun, though I really disliked Mr. Malus. What a terrible person, I hope we won’t see him again. Bah. Take on someone your own age/size instead of a child who is learning how to be a witch.

April was a fun character, sweet, caring, and she never let the power she had get to her head, which I love as that happens quite often in books like this. Plus she is also really brave and I was cheering for her to find her inner strength and kick some serious butt!

Grace and Eve are also good characters, I can see why they are all friends. We don’t see too much of them, which is a bit of a shame.

Then there is David. I wasn’t sure what to think of him for most of the book. I know what was going on, but still…. eh. Maybe he will get better in the next book, I am quite curious about his powers and how he will be handling them in the future.

Josephine, the previous owner of the book also pops up. She helps out April during a few harrowing parts of the book. I love how sweet she was, how she took her time, explained everything, didn’t rush (even though there wasn’t really time to just stay calm). I hope she will pop up more in the next book.

I flew through this book enjoying everything that happened. I would recommend it!

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