Review for Room Love: 50 DIY Projects to Design Your Space

Review for Room Love: 50 DIY Projects to Design Your Space

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

I just love DIY, I love making my space even more pretty than it already is. These days it is much less since I got a whole apartment, but back when I had just one room I loved making it even more beautiful and more fun to be in.

There are some projects that I would love to do, and probably will be doing. Like the covering of a closet door, my closet is white, plus has some dents and bumps, so I would like to cover those. Or dressing up my cabinets with washi tape (everyone seems to be hyped about that stuff). Also the stencilling of my dressers or doors. <3 I can’t wait to try it out.

Not all projects were to my liking, and some just seemed to be the same project only then used for something different. Like the nail polish, the calendar, the sunglasses projects.
And then there were some that just looked like someone didn’t do much effort (the disco ball).

Plus I had a little snicker when I saw those fairy lights and that they formed a word. It reminded me of a scene or two in Stranger Things. 😛

But all in all, I just loved the projects, and I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to do some DIY and needs some ideas. Most of the projects are fairly easy to do, and you can easily find the stuff needed for them. The photographs are clear and sharp, and the instructions are easy to follow and explain everything clearly.

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