Review for Undead and Unwed

Review for Undead and Unwed

Move aside everyone, Queen Betsy is in the room!

I am sure not many can top Betsy’s week from hell. She doesn’t have the most luck in that week. First she loses her job (thankfully she didn’t like it that much, and I loved her chat about how the company would fall apart now and how she loved that), then she gets killed in a car accident (in the weirdest way), and then she wakes up in the morgue. Yep, our girl is one of the undead, a vampire to be specifically.

But Betsy isn’t just any vampire. Oh no, this girl is like a vampire 2.0. Almost nothing that vampires normally have applies to our girl Betsy. Holy water? She just giggles/sneezes. Daylight? Eh, not impressed. Blood? Good, but she doesn’t need tons of it.

Soon we meet some stronger vampires namely Sinclair (yummy, but I didn’t quite like him due to how he acts and how possessive he is) and Nostrodamus (evil vampire who kind of let power go to his mind a bit too much). Our girl has to pick a side, but anyone who has read the book so far…. knows that Betsy has a mind of her own and no one is going to be dictating her on what to do. And she isn’t afraid to also tell her opinion on this.

You can imagine how the story goes from there. Betsy finds out more and more about vampires, how they tick, but she still has a lot of questions as to why the rules apparently don’t apply to her. Plus there is the hint that she may just be a vampire queen! Yep, this girl isn’t only fabulous, fashionable, but she is also a queen.

Betsy was definitely my favourite girl. I loved her snark, her sharpness, and her love for shoes. She was really fun, and I loved how she eventually embraced being a vampire, and how she learned how to find blood, what to do about all that male attraction that is happening now she is a vampire (yep, this girl got all the boys (and dogs) flocking to her), and many other things. Oh and I can imagine she doesn’t want anyone to call her by her full name. The poor thing. 😉

Then there are various other characters that make the book even more fun. Like Betsy’s best friend Jessica. I instantly took a liking to her. She wasn’t that weirded out that her best friend was now a vampire. Plus, like Betsy, she had a good portion of snark. Next up is Marc, a guy that Betsy saves. I had to get used to him a bit, I found him a bit too weird (and his plans slightly to dark), but later I quite liked him. Betsy mom was just perfection, she was sweet, caring, and doesn’t give a dip about the fact her daughter is now a vampire. She is much too happy that her prayers were answered and her daughter came back. Sinclair, well as I said, he was yummy, but it took me some time to like him. Eventually I quite liked him. Tina? This girl has hidden depths, plus she was real sweet and helpful.

Of course there is some sex, quite steamy, quite a bit graphic. But it did fit the book… well OK, apart from that one time with Nick (the second time, not the first) and when we met Marc, that was just ehhhhhhh, nope.

As soon as I liked Sinclair… well, I was just shipping him with Betsy. They do make a good couple, and I was just rooting for Betsy to understand her feelings. Come on girl, everyone can see you have got the hots for that vampire. 😛 Just go for it already. Chop chop. 😛

Phew, I think I have mentioned all that I want to mention. This book was such a fun ride!

This book will not bore you one moment. You will go from hilarity to battles to some romance to some more hilarity. I would recommend it to everyone!

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