Review for Wolves VS Zombies + Never Say Nether

Review for Wolves VS Zombies + Never Say Nether

This is going to be a review for Book 3: Wolves VS Zombies and Book 4: Never Say Nether.

Why I am combining them? Because I had the same frustrations in both books, frustrations I also had in the first two books. Namely Will. Will and his enormous ego, his attitude, his whining, his complete lack of common sense. In both these books he makes stupid mistakes, or just acts like a kid half his age. In Wolves VS Zombies: Oh, zombies are acting my village? My brother is in danger? My best friend even came to me to ask for help. Oh no, no, no, I came to the Taiga, it took me ages to get here. Fuck Seth, fuck zombies, I am staying. I still have big plans here (aka snowballfight, snow golem, etc.). Whut? I get that you had a “tough” journey, but really? Your family is in danger…
The same goes for the Never Nether book. Oh, we are going to the Nether, then I can show everyone I can protect my brother and maybe learn him some skills (hint you also don’t have them Will). attacks a passive mob because apparently Will just doesn’t care about learning or listeninghis party is in danger* *things get tough in the castleWill cries and whines
And that is another problem I have with the books. When it gets tough, or when things don’t go along Will’s way? He whines, he becomes even more of a crybaby. Oh boohoo, everyone is better than me. Oh boohoo my life sucks. Yeah, dude, maybe if you just would stick your head out of your butt once in a while, and actually use your ears, you would learn and get better.
Phew, sorry, I could rant about Will some more, but I think this is good enough. 😛

Also, I was amazed that the only one who is knowledgeable about potions is… Mina. Though I would think that any adventurer would know the difference between fire resistance and regeneration potions. I haven’t played Minecraft, but I did play a ton of other RPGs, and believe me, I knew each and every potion. Not because, like Mina, I was making them. Oh no, I was on an adventure and these potions will save lives.

And is it that needed to make the endings that cringey? In each book Will makes a 180 degree change, and the characters are all acting wonky and strange. Forced. I get that you want to end on a certain tone, but this is just silly and it made me laugh at how fake it seemed.

If we take out Will (I still cheer for the day when he becomes a zombie or just disappears due to his own stupidity), the books are terrific. I love Mina, she is really fun, interesting, plus I love that she makes potions, and goes to dangerous parts to just get said potions. She kicks some serious butt.
Seth? I really like him, though my view of him is tainted thanks to Will and his obnoxious crying. I am sure if I met him without Will complaining about each and every thing I would have loved the guy.

The story is also just fun, and it is great to see the Minecraft world get explored. We see various monsters, read about various tidbits (like with the wolf > dog), and I can just see the world open up in front of my eyes.

I have to give plus points to the title of the 4th book: Never say Nether. <3

As I also said with the first two books, I am mostly reading and buying these due to the illustrations. They are done by one of my favourite illustrators: Grace Sandford. Her style fits perfectly with the Minecraft world.

But will I continue these books? I am not sure. I may just be buying them for the art, but unless Will gets removed from the story, or gets a smaller role (let Mina be the MC), I don’t think I will continue reading it.

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