Review for Wrath

Review for Wrath

I am still planning on reading Little Monsters, so when I spotted this little prequel/short story up on Goodreads, I just had to check it out. It sounded absolutely creepy, and I was excited.

And it started off pretty decent. A girl and her friend are going to a party (what could possibly go wrong) and there was some tension in the air. This being a short book you only got a few hints of what was going on (it seems that her best friend has found some new friends and is following some of their bad things (smoking/drinking a lot)). The party also started off pretty nicely, though I do wonder why this girl even went to the party if she totally doesn’t want to go. I am sure her best friend would have understood (and otherwise maybe just find a new best friend?).

But then things happen… and well, I am not sure if I found it creepy, or just idiotic. The girl just steps in to a car with a guy she doesn’t know? What is up with that? Don’t they teach kids not to get into cars with strangers any more? Or is that something old-fashioned and is it considered cool to just get into cars with strange guys?

Plus I found what our MC did a bit excessive. I know she was almost raped , which is a very very very terrible thing, and he was following her, which is also a big NOPE, but after x happened the guy was already like that, no need to throw a bit more violence on top of that. If she had gone to the police as it were I am sure they would have believed her, seen it as self-defence. Now? Haha, no.

The last few sentences were OK, but again not creepy.

Also what is up with that friend. Just leaving her friend alone in an unfamiliar place. Bleh. I already was side-eyeing this girl given how strange she seemed to be acting and how much rather she would be with those new friends, but I thought she would, for this evening, stick with her oldest friend.

So yeah, not creepy at all, just frustrating and annoying.

Hopefully Little Monsters book is better than this one. I will still be reading that one, even if this one was a big disappointment.

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