Waiting On Wednesday ~ Olive and the Backstage Ghost

Waiting On Wednesday ~ Olive and the Backstage Ghost

Hello everyone!

Due to vacation this one will just be very short.

I just adore books about theatres, and even more if they also have a mystery to them. If there are any ghosts or horror added? Perfection! So I can’t wait for this book which has all of that.

This is the story of Olive – who loves to sing, but finds herself gripped by stage fright, especially with her ghastly, overbearing mother breathing down her neck with expectations. When she flunks a big audition for the school show, Olive wanders among the glittering, enticing theaters – and comes upon Maudeville, a fascinating old theater with so many secrets, run by the grand-dame of show business, Maude Devore. Offered the opportunity of a lifetime, Olive is gradually sucked into a story of darkness and fear, where the bright lights of Maudeville conceal a shifting world of ghosts…

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