What I Hope To Read September 2017

What I Hope To Read September 2017

Hey everyone!

Just a few days more and August is over! is sad This month really flew by fast and was filled with all sorts of fun things (yay for vacations!).

September brings some OMG OMG books (like a new Lockwood (final book!), Last Kids on Earth, new Leigh Bardugo book (Squee!). But it also brings some books that I hope will be great to read (new Stephanie Perkins book! or the Mean Girls novel <3). It is a quiet month though, at least if you compare it to some earlier months this year. But in a way I am glad that this coming month won’t bring so many books, I still have several books from previous months I want to read + my (physical) TBR pile can use a bit of shrinking. 😛

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