Library Haul 19-9-2017

Library Haul 19-9-2017

Evening everyone,

I had finished reading all my Library #4 books (well, minus one, which was a book I didn’t like), so I decided today was a good day to pick up some new books. 🙂 Before I went I checked their library catalogue to see if they had some new books, but sadly… the answer was no. But that doesn’t hold me away from a library.

It was quite busy at the library, apparently there was a class of tiny kids being taught how the library worked, how to treat books, how to put them back in the right places. It was pretty adorable to see how enthusiastic those kids were about the prospect of picking out new books. 🙂 The librarian even had to tell them to wait, they were that eager.

In the end I found 5 books. One is going to be a re-read (Boskampi’s), but the others are all new to me.

Stats: 5 new books. 2 Non-fiction, 3 Fiction.

Pim en het Pinda-kanon by Tjibbe Veldkamp, Kees de Boer
Isa, het Amethistelfje by Daisy Meadows, Georgie Ripper
De Boskampi’s by Marjon Hoffman
Wonderful Days by Vincent de Vries, Theo Nabuurs
Maar je krijgt er wel heel veel voor terug by Bastiaan Ragas

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