Library Haul 2-8-2017

Library Haul 2-8-2017

Hello, hello!

Happy weekend to everyone! Today was an absolutely fabulous day. First up is visiting Library #2 to pick up my 7 reservations and, hopefully, find 8 more books to take home with me. And afterwards going shopping for some new winter clothes (which was successful, yay for new sweaters (especially that bright yellow one 😍) It was quite busy at the library, apparently there was an event to help foreign people learn, or get better at, Dutch. They had people walking around pointing out fun activities to those people and helping out when they had questions.

But I did manage to find 8 more fun books to add to my 7 reservations, so now I got a giant stack of books and I am really excited to read them.

Stats: 15 new books! 4 non-fiction, 2 comic books, 9 fiction.

Also note, those Bat Pat books (which I reserved around the same time as the Bat Pat book from one of my previous hauls), I still have to add them to Goodreads in my own language, but because I didn’t like the previous one that much (the format is way different from the other Bat Pat’s) I didn’t feel up to adding them to Goodreads yet.

Mijn geliefde boekhandel by Petra Hartlieb
Perilous Undertaking by Deanna Raybourn
Heksenneus by Guy Didelez
Heeft een trein een stuur? by Christa Carbo
Ik ben Miran by Anne-Marieke Samson, Suus van den Akker
Hoe ik een weerwolf werd by Ulf Stark, Lars Deltrap
Skelet in het bos by Roberto Pavanello
Het vervloekte huis by Roberto Pavanello
Meester Jaap maakt er een puinhoop van by Jacques Vriens, Annet Schaap
Meester Jaap gaat nooit verloren by Jacques Vriens, Annet Schaap
Pigeon P.I. by Meg McLaren
Enola #1 by Joris Chamblain, Lucile Thibaudier, Mariella Manfré
Enola #2 by Joris Chamblain, Lucile Thibaudier, Mariella Manfré
Natuur Kunst by Mara K. Fuhrmann
Het Koninklijk Fotoalbum by Emerentia van Heuven-van Nes

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