Review for ABC For Me: ABC Baby Signs

Review for ABC For Me: ABC Baby Signs

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

This was amazing! I was really curious about what this book would be, I know, it is about signs for babies and toddlers, but how would they show us these signs, and what words would be featured.

It was super-interesting, and at moments like this I wish I had a little kid myself so I could see if these signs would really help and if my kid would be able to do them. I will definitely remember this book, if I ever have a kid I will try these out. I would love to see my little one tell me what they want through signs.

Some of the signs are really basic (like up, sleep, or eat), but there are some that are a bit more advanced. The words selected for the ABC’s are the basic ones (well, except for zoo, but I guess they had to pick a z word and zoo is something kids love). Some examples are eat, water, yes, no. As you can see words that you need often in daily life.

I had lots of fun trying to figure out how to do some of the signs. I am glad I am not anywhere near people when I read the book, or else people may have looked at me funny. 😛

Next to the ABC’s the book also lists various other important signs, like father, mother, cat, etc. I loved that they added those, I quite missed those while reading and coming across the letters for those words, and was already thinking how important those are for a kid. Thankfully they added them.

The art is quite a fun art. It is cute, and I adore the colours that the illustrator used. Plus they really took care of adding little details, backgrounds, and more.

I would highly recommend this one to everyone.

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