Review for Ana and the Cosmic Race #1

Review for Ana and the Cosmic Race #1

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

Right from the bat, -1 star for the crappy quality of the images. The text bubbles are sharp and clear, but the illustrations/images are blurry. Which is a terrible shame, as I love the style of the illustrations. I just don’t get why this keeps being a problem in graphic novel/comic ARCS. I have seen this happen over and over again. I get that this is an unfinished copy, but really, why not make sure the image quality is at least good.

Ana was a really fun character, I liked her right from the start. She looks cool (I want that hairdo + colour) + she is a great student (I can imagine she is doing it to keep her scholarship, but I have a feeling even without that she would be studious and responsible). Though I had a laugh when she landed in old England in her fancy space clothes, even after she changed, I would think that having pink hair is something of a rarity in those times, but no one glanced at them.

Ekene? My second favourite character. Though I am confused about their gender. For most of the book I confused him with a her. For various reasons. But I guess he is really a he. Eh, it would have been fun if Ana’s biggest rival would have been a girl. I am not sure how to explain the whys, maybe because this combo always works in other books. 🙂

Zyx was a bleh character, I liked her when we first met her (at lunch), but when she stowed away on Ana’s ship? And then what happens next? Sorry, but can this girl please get a brain? You are not helping, you are making everything worse. Plus I just can’t forgive anyone who hates libraries. ;P
She was just too much of a little kid. If I didn’t know better I would have thought she was a kid.

There are hints of romance between Ana > Keio (my favourite) and also Ana > Ekene. I do dearly hope that we won’t get some silly love triangle. shivers

The race, the clues, the travelling through space? I loved it!

This first volume is all about the first clue, I am guessing there will be quite a few more books to come if every one of them is about one clue and the outcome of that clue.

The art was pretty great, well, from what I was able to see in crappy quality. I love the expressions on the characters (so hilarious), plus the way the characters were drawn was great.

All in all, I did quite enjoy this first volume, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the rest. I would recommend it to everyone looking for a fun space adventure comic.

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