Review for It’s a Book

Review for It’s a Book

It is Banned Books Week, and I am reading Challenged/Banned books. This is the third book for this week.

This book was banned in several libraries in the US due to the last page where the monkey calls the donkey a jackass. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, for that one word.

I just had to read this book, it was really just banned for one word? Plus I was also interested in the whole non-print vs print debate, I wondered how it would be done. Would our technical-savy donkey be interested in print? Would the monkey be able to convince the donkey of a book’s true powers?

I was a bit amazed that the donkey never heard of a book. I mean, it is not like they are practically non-existent, books are everywhere. That he never even knew what a book could do. At times it was just a bit too ridiculous for me.

The donkey questions everything about the book. Does it have wi-fi? Does it need a password? Can it do x, y, or z? And every time the monkey replies with a No, it is a book. I loved that the monkey never gave up, though you could see his expression darken and he grew more and more annoyed with the donkey. (And you could also see him grip the couch’s armrest very firmly.) I was kind of amazed at his patience, I am not sure if I would have such patience if someone acts this dumb. 😛

The art was simple, but fun.

All in all, this was a fun little book. I hope that donkey will read more books and finds new worlds to explore.

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