Review for Jazzy Jessie: Going for Gold

Review for Jazzy Jessie: Going for Gold

The 4th, and I am guessing final book in the series. This time we see the events (and the vlogging) from Jessie’s POV.

I really like Jessie, and I was curious about her life at home, at her gymnastic training, at what she would vlog about (she really did some fun ones, though I didn’t quite like the ‘what is in my bag’ one. It just seemed a bit silly to film about the contents of one’s bag, but maybe that is just me), and to see how the girls would go to the next level with their channel. Plus Summertube!

Right from the bat Jessie’s life takes a turn for the not so fun as she finds out that her dad lost his job and she has to leave her new room and instead room with her baby brother. You can imagine that such a thing is never fun, but can you imagine if you just have gotten a whole brand new room makeover and you can’t enjoy it? Or if you are a girl with a love for all sorts of fun things and you have to keep them all away from your sweet, but destructive, brother. 😛 Not to mention how does one vlog or train for gymnastics in a tiny room?

Seeing her with her family, and see how tightknit they are, it brought a smile to my face. Often sisters and brothers will argue or have fights, not always being able to be together in one room, but in this one they had a pretty great relationship.

I loved her pranks, though I have a practical question, how did the girls not notice that the cake was fake? I am sorry, but believe me, one can’t just cut through sponge without noticing. It just isn’t that easy or simple. You really do notice! But oh well, it was still a fun prank to do. 😛

Her training? I loved it, though I do hope she will be a bit more motivated about it. At times it seemed like she just didn’t want to do any effort, but girl, that is what one needs to get better. You can’t just get better instantly, you have to put a lot of hours in it.
But it was still fun to read about the training, and that competition was just way to exciting, I was cheering for the girls. Also thanks to Jessie’s being more casual about the whole thing, it balanced Anya’s very strong feelings on it. 😛

Anya was a really fun addition to the series. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like her, she was just too serious, too much for me. But later on, I saw a different side to her and I began to like her more and more. In the end I was rooting for her, and I hope that the friendship between Jessie and Anya remains strong.

We have another girl joining us, Sassy or Saskia. I was a bit worried at first, due to reasons, but I just couldn’t dislike the girl. She was too sweet, too fun, and she fit too well with everything. Her contributions to the group were perfect.

Summertube was fun, though I would have loved to see more of it. For something so big it felt a bit too rushed.

Like the other books we see/read the vlogs. I just love that they are added, I could just see the video play in my head thanks to the well-written script. 🙂

Abby? I have taken to calling her Dakota 2.0. She was a real insert mean words in this whole book. I get that she wants to make the channel more professional, but do you need to be so mean, rude and unprofessional to your friends. Not only did she harm Jessie, but she was also terrible towards Lucy (for her stutter), Hermione (for being shy). Jessie made ONE mistake in this book, she was late for a shoot, but really? Is that truly why you went full urgggh Dakota mode on her? Hello, she can’t help it that the clock was wrong, and do you really expect her to keep checking her phone while working hard on training? Wow, girl…. So I just wanted to shake her around, I was frankly surprised that neither Hermione or Lucy said something, or took a stand against this crappy behaviour. Well, I could go on, but I hate Dakota, and I don’t like it when characters I like go full Dakota 2.0, so I will leave it at this. One last thing though… how it was solved? Wow, all that tension? All that bad mood, and it was solved like that. Bleh. I expected more, now it felt like it was all for nothing.

Also Abby and the stalking? Girl, please…. Just no.

Dakota? Urghhhhhhhhhhhh. That is all I will say. Never liked the girl, and never will like her. She is just too terrible, and I think it is pretty sad that she keeps commenting on the videos. Get a life girl.

All in all, I really had a fun time reading this one, and the series. I will definitely be re-reading them again in the future. I would highly recommend this book (and the series) to everyone!

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