Review for Kawaii Doodle Class

Review for Kawaii Doodle Class

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I loved kawaii things, my house is full with them. 😛 So of course I had to check out this book. Which I mostly got because of the kawaii doodles and less for getting to draw them. Yep, I wasn’t that interested in learning to draw them, I just wanted to see them and squee all the time.

There are 5 chapters each of them a new category of cuteness. From Adorable Foods & Drinks to Cheerful Doodle Monsters, this book features a heavy load of all that is cute.

The instructions for the doodles are quite easy, though at times I found it weird that there were two ways listed which are pretty much the same just a bit different (like with the moon, you can start with a small semi-circle or an incomplete circle, I just didn’t see why it was needed to have two ways).

On one page I couldn’t help but laugh: “Check out their fun facial expressions…” Um, unless I am blind, but they all had the same expression, smiley face. Just like about 90-95% of the doodles in the book. Given that line I would have thought they all had different ones, or that they were a bit mixed.
Later on in the book (with the monsters) the sentence actually made sense, as the monsters there had a whole mix of fun expressions.

And that is also what stood out, he tells us you can use various expressions, yet in almost all his doodles he uses the same one (smiley face). And it gets a bit bland.

Plus after a while I got a bit bored, since all his stuff was just x item or x plant or x whatever with a smiley face. Just adding a smiley face to everything doesn’t make something kawaii….

I do hope that in the finished version the blue blocks (located in the clouds at each new chapter) are removed and that something else is in its place. Now it looked a bit ugly.

A few bonus points for those Fun Time pages, though they don’t really work on a tablet. 😛 Can’t colour them after all, and I can only view one page at a time, so I have to go flip through those 2 pages to find things. But in a paperback/physical copy of the book it would work perfectly.

All in all, it started off pretty well, but it just wasn’t as enjoyable and fun as I had hoped it would be. 🙁

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