Review for Love At First Bite

Review for Love At First Bite

Phewwwwww fans herself This was one hot and steamy manga.

I have read (and seen) my share of yaoi/shounen-ai, but this one was very steamy. I am also surprised, generally they censor the hell out of things (like the penis is just an outline or becomes sparkly (which looks hilarious)), but now it was all shown. I didn’t expect that. 😛 Then again, I just looked at the back of my copy and it says recommended from 18. So I could have seen it coming.

I loved the couple though, and even though it started with some typical yaoi/shounen-ai stereotypes (ripping of clothes, etc.), later on it got really sweet and cute, and I was definitely rooting for these two to finally convey their feelings and be exclusive. I liked that they had a backstory going, that they knew each other since childhood. It just gave the story something extra, especially when you learn that one of them has been liking the other for years! I am happy that he finally got the chance to confess, and that the other guy also liked him back! Yay!

I also loved that they were candy makers (in training) (though I do wonder how one of them can suck so much). 😛

What would have made it even more awesome if we had a little epilogue showing them a few years later. I so want to know if they eventually fused the candy stores together.

The art is gorgeous. I loved how the boys were drawn.

All in all, I would recommend this one.

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