Review for My Princess Boy

Review for My Princess Boy

It is Banned Books Week, and I am reading Challenged/Banned books. This is the first book for this week.

This book was challenged in Texas quite a lot of times due to it promoting the gay lifestyle (one of the reasons at least).

I have to say that the book was pretty great, but I was a bit tired of the repetition. My princess boy this, my princess boy that. I get it. He is a princess boy, and that is terrific, but does it need to be repeated over and over again for each part? Couldn’t we have another word or another beginning instead?

The story was good, it tells us about the princess boy, how he loves to wear tiaras, dresses, and twirl, and it talks about how the boy is accepted by his family, which is wonderful. I have read enough stories about boys who like to dress up as a princess or just like to wear girls clothes, but weren’t accepted by their family.
Though of course while his family is accepting… the world isn’t always so accepting. 🙁 Which I was expecting (welcome to the world), but it still made me sad.

The art was so-so. I mostly didn’t like the fact the characters were all faceless. Couldn’t some emotions have been added? It would have made the book at more personal, now it just fell flat. We read that they are happy, or sad, but there is just nothing to show that.

So all in all, I am happy I read this book, but I had expected a bit more. Still I would recommend it.

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