Review for Nappy Hair

Review for Nappy Hair

It is Banned Books Week, and I am reading Challenged/Banned books. This is the ninth and last book for this week.

This book was banned (and even more happened) because it was considered racially insensitive.

This book is about a girl and her amazing (yes, I have to say amazing) hair. Though well, amazing, it isn’t so amazing for the girl. Trying to tame it is impossible. Brushing? Don’t even try that.

It is told by the uncle, and it tells us how the girl got her nappy hair. From God to angels to Africa. It was a pretty fun way to tell us the story about the Nappy Hair. That it was intended to be her hair. I really liked it, I am sure the girl still has her problems with her hair, but she may feel better about having it.

I watched this one on Youtube, and I love the narrator on there. She really has a way of bringing the story to life.

The art of the book is pretty OK-ish.

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