Review for Pigeon P.I.

Review for Pigeon P.I.

Pigeon P.I. on the case! Birds are disappearing left and right, what is going on? Is anyone safe?

I just adore detective/mystery books, and I was delighted to try this one out as it brought a bit of a new spin on the genre. A pigeon doing all sorts of detective work. Or well, he is kind of not doing anything, but he is still a detective deep down. And a detective can’t let a case (or a friend) alone like this.

And so it begins. The search for his tiny new friend, Vee. Who came to him for help, but got kidnapped. I loved that Murray didn’t let this one go. He didn’t know Vee that well, so he could have easily just not gone searching for her, but he did. And I was cheering for him along the way.

Until the end I didn’t know what was going on, well, OK, I had a mild suspicion, especially since the birds stolen were all colourful. But the twist? The bad guy? I didn’t expect that one.

I also love that while we don’t see any humans around, we do know they are around (given the food, the milk cartons, the fact the missing birds have owners). Oftentimes even with animal books you will see the humans. But in this one.. nothing!

I had a laugh that those police gulls eating doughnuts bigger than they are. Those sure are some King Ring Doughnuts. (Now I am hungry for doughnuts, argggh.)

The art is a delight, there are just so many details. Even after reading the text, there is so much to explore. Pieces of newspaper or tiny newspapers, lists, posters, bird stores/shops, and much more. You will keep on looking. Plus I love how the book was formatted. Not like a lot of picture books (with big pictures (either on one page or covering both) or some tiny ones on one page, instead it is a combo of big illustrations, small illustrations, and comics. I love it!

Oh and bonus points to those pages at the very front and the very back. The first double page is a Beginner’s Guide to Private Investigation, with anything from tips to equipment. The last double pages are about Advanced Detection. Like that you should be light on your feet, or that one should carry a book or newspaper to hide behind. But there are also famous detectives (of course all birds), and even a fun little exam (which makes you re-read the book, or if you are a budding detective, makes you check your notes :P).

So yes, I would highly recommend this one, and I will be putting this one on my list to buy, as I want this book in my collection. I will also be keeping an eye on this author. 🙂

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