Review for Promtastic

Review for Promtastic

Five Girls, One Prom. Friendship, romance, and more!

I got this book from Boekenfestijn, and I am very happy I brought it with me when I saw it. I just had a feeling I would like this one, and I was correct!

We have 5 girls, and while I didn’t like them all, and I feel that one could have just been left out (Charlotte), it was very interesting to read about their views on prom. From Leigh who is very very eager about Prom to Charlotte who hates prom.

Let’s talk about the girls.

  1. Grace: The rich girl. The girl who seems so perfect. The girl who should have the perfect life. But sadly… the girl is bound by chains to her mother. Her mother controls every move, every decision, from boyfriend to school. I just felt so sorry for the girl. All she wants is a bit of time for herself. To make her own decisions. But she doesn’t dare to go against the wishes of her mom.
    Throughout the story I kept hoping she would say something, to stand up against her mom. I knew she would find an ally in her dad, from the things I saw he seemed to also want the mom to stop being so obsessive. Plus while I did like her stance towards Evan… I do wish she would have picked for her own life. It seems that everyone is just controlling her and her life. At times I just wanted to reach out and hug her. To tell her to find bravery, to tell her to pick her own life.
    But even with all those controlling, she stayed mostly true to herself. She tried to do what she wanted, plus I really liked Jason. They were sooooo adorbs together!

Plus, a bit aside from the character, but still fitting with the character. I hated how everyone ASSUMED. They all assumed Grace was mean (because she was so popular), they all assumed enjoyed all this attention. They assumed so much and I just wanted to shake people. Grace is so different from how everyone thinks.

  1. Alex. She was a sweet character, and I could relate to her. Just like her, at that age, I was wondering when that first kiss would happen. What moment would it happen? Would the boy she liked oh so much like her back? She was the most normal of the 5 characters.
    I loved how at prom she was at first infatuated with Chris, totally delighted, but thankfully this girl just knew something was off, and I was rooting for her to follow her gut feeling and not her crush feeling.
    I didn’t quite like the arguments between her brother, but eh, I guess that is normal stuff for brothers/sisters.

  2. Leigh. While she was a bit too over the top for me with her prom stuff, I did admire that she was so dedicated to making something so awesome. To organise everything. Some people may have just done things here and there and just leave the rest to chance, but not this girl. She kept on going, it was pretty awesome.
    BUT, very big BUT, she was too obsessed. She ignored her friends. She ignored her boyfriend. She was a total bitch to both of them. Totally not being able to understand why they were acting the way they did. She found THEM selfish, but she was the one being selfish. I can imagine you want to make the prom amazing, but you also need to make time for friends, family, and love.
    Thankfully near the end she turned for the better and I liked her much more. It was a harrowing thing that happened near the end, but I feel that it may have finally kicked her PROM-switch to off and make her realise what was going on.

  3. Kristyn. The worst girl of them all. Jealous, annoying, frustrating, always thinking she needs to be the centre of the world. She totally was a bitch towards her sister (though yes, I can imagine you are angry, you are sad, you worked hard for that dress, but to say your life ends? Whut? Over a dress? While your sister is so clearly trying to apologise, to make up for it? No!), but also a terrible person towards Evan and Grace. Again she assumed. She was blinded with her love for Evan, not realising the whats and hows. Bleh.

  4. Charlotte. She wasn’t terrible per se, and she may have gotten a higher place, but sadly she just didn’t stand out. It just felt like filler. Like we need a girl who is anti-prom, so let’s make up this character. But Charlotte… she didn’t feel anti-prom at all. She kept saying the same arguments, but there was no feeling behind it. Her POV was the most boring to read.

There are also side characters who were very important as well. Like Evan and his secret (I loved him especially near the end. Plus that scene with Tony <3 <3), Lindsay (I dislike her ooooh sooo much), Owen, Ben, Jessie. I am happy that the author gave them some time in the spotlight as well.

The book starts with the Prom, and then quickly switches to the day before the prom and as the book progresses we get closer to the prom. It was a fun format. We get a peak at what happens at the prom, without spoiling much, and then we go back to the before. How everything came to be. How everyone got together.

Plus of course, the Prom! I wish I could go to that prom, it sounds oh so much fun. We don’t have proms here (or at least not when I was that age), so I just adore reading about them. Reading about dresses, about the music, about the theme, about the preparation. About everything!

This book was such a delight to read and I flew through it.

Oh and bonus points to the bonus parts in the back. Quizzes, about prom, about preparing for it, and much more. I had so much fun reading them.

All in all, a book I would highly recommend.

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