Review for Strega Nona

Review for Strega Nona

It is Banned Books Week, and I am reading Challenged/Banned books. This is the sixth book for this week.

This book was banned/challenged due it having a witch, magic, supernatural elements.

Strega Nona is a witch in a tiny town, she helps out everyone with all sorts of problems. Warts? She can fix it. Illness? Sure.
She needs help, and so she hires a help. Of course there is always a catch, just like in many other magical/witch books, he must do all sorts of things, BUT he can’t touch the pasta pot!

I didn’t like the help. As soon as he found out about the pasta pot and how magical it is, he immediately betrays the kind witch. It is just so typical, I have seen it happen so many times in books. I wouldn’t have minded something else instead. 😐

But at least, just like all the other stories, there is a fine heap of karma coming his way. I was just laughing so hard when poop hit the fan. And sorry, I didn’t feel sorry for anyone. I know this is mean, but really, the way everyone treats Strega Nona is horrible.

I loved Strega Nona. She was really sweet, and I loved that she did all those things for those people. Even when she comes back to chaos she stays sweet, kind, and lovely. Though I had a laugh at her punishment for the help. That one was absolutely amazing.

I like that there were Italian words sprinkled throughout the book, this way you can use the book in more than one way. For instance for Banned Books Week, but also for an Italian themed week.

The art was OK-ish. It did fit the story, but yeah it is not really my favourite style.

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