Review for The Little Red Wolf

Review for The Little Red Wolf

I received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

A beautiful retelling and reversal of the Little Red Riding Hood with some new elements.

It starts off pretty much the same as the story did in Little Red Riding Hood. A little wolf with a red cape/hood has to go to his grandma to bring her a rabbit. Instead our little wolf is distracted and we see him hop and skip through beautiful landscapes, gorgeously detailed scenery, and then he gets lured by the girl he was warned about. I knew right then what was going to happen, but boy, I was in for a twist.

There is heartbreak in the future, and I didn’t even know it. The hunter and the daughter were really scary people, just like the wolf was in the Little Red Riding Hood story. However, after the ending, and what was revealed there, I could only feel sympathy for both of them (with the first song I could feel some sympathy, but given that we have seen how the wolves were I wasn’t sure if it was truth or fiction, and the second song changed all that). I felt sorry for the girl who doesn’t know the truth, and for the man who only saw his fear and did something terrible because of it. I have to say I had a few tears in my eyes. 🙁

I loved our little wolf, though he has much to learn. Much, much to learn. I hope that at least this experience will make him more responsible.

The book is gorgeously illustrated, like, absolutely gorgeous. The style is so beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at the pages in wonder. There are tiny details, lovely use of colours, and just wow.

I would highly, really highly, recommend this book to everyone. This book is one that I will be buying when it comes out, I need this on my shelf, and I will keep an eye out to see if more books by this artist will get translated.

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