Review for The Sumage Solution

Review for The Sumage Solution

A mage with an attitude, a biker werewolf, sparks fly, what could possibly go wrong? 😛

So first up, this is one of my first true M/M adult books. I have read the prequel story for this one (about Bigg and Bryan). I also read a ton of Yaoi/shounen-ai. Though nothing could have prepared me for this one. 😛 I am still a bit, well, unsure about reading sex scenes, especially graphic ones. Not because I am prude (well, OK, a bit), but mostly because I feel uncomfortable, like I am reading something private, something you shouldn’t just read. But I still wanted to read this one. I know Gail Carriger and she writes things really well, and again I also read the prequel for this one, so I just had to try it out, and I am so happy I did. I loved this one.

Yes, I do confess again, I did skip a few scenes when it became a bit too much for me (or I just blushed so hard that it felt like I was burning up). But mostly I read them! It was cough very interesting, very steamy, very sexy, very WOW.

I was delighted to see that Alec and Marvin were still around, still happy and good together, and that Alec moved the pack to Sausalito.

Biff is tasked with going and get the permits and make sure that the pack can find a suitable house (because while they do have a place, it is a bit too tiny for so many werewolves). Officially the Alpha should do this, but well, it is just better if Biff does it. And thus the meeting between Biff and Max happens.

I am not one for instant love shivers, but for some reason I just couldn’t deny that this was one instant love I didn’t hate. Instead I was shipping these two immediately. I just saw them in the future, all happy and good, just like Biff’s brother. Yes, shipping (and fangirling) mode was activated and didn’t click off until way after I read this book. 😛
These two were just too perfect for each other. The snark between them, the way neither of them backs down, the chemistry, everything. Ahhhhhhhh swoons

Of course this book isn’t all about flowers, spice (or sparkly) jizz, buttplugs, sexy times, though yes, that is a big part of the book. It is also about Max his dark past (poor guy, he really had the worst childhood, and I can imagine him acting the way he does throughout the book, though, yes I had a few times that I just wanted to shake him for thinking those silly thoughts), about the house in his garden (enchanted, oh my), about what Max truly is (awesome, duh. :P), what happens when Max and Biff get together (it goes much deeper than one may think and that brings problems). It was a rollercoaster ride. The relationship between these two is amazing, but also filled with bumps in the road. Biff is still a bit unsure, and also worried that he may just hurt Max (human, but also because of another reason) during sexy times, Max is worried that Biff may not like him if he knew the real Max + of course the whole childhood thing and what that entails, and later there is even more trouble. But I just knew, I knew, that these two would be together, I mean come on. These two are just wonderful together, they really complement each other. Helping each other, and teaching each other (sex, though it seems Biff is a master at it).

And then there is the pack. I love how protective they are of each other. But also how well they go together, and how they will tease, make jokes, and more. They are truly a family, and that is so sweet. Plus I just had a laugh how Alec and Marvin were like the Dad and Mom and the rest of the pack were their unruly children. 😛 Especially Marvin behaved himself as a mom at times, soothing Alec, making sure the pack behaved, trying to help out, and much more.

There are also other characters I quite loved, like 2 amazing Kitsune characters. I hope to see both of them in the next books as they were just brilliant. I had such a laugh at Gladdy and how open she was about sex (even though no one wanted to hear it). 😛 Plus it was great to see how she went from grumpy + urgh, to Max’s best friend and one of my favourite characters.

The ending was fabulous, I love how everything was resolved. It wasn’t done in a hurry, there was enough talking over, some pushing to do the right thing. I am really happy with it, and I can’t wait to see what will happen in the next book. Will it be about this couple? Or will we have a new couple?

Also plus points to the cover! At first I didn’t totally get it and just thought it was a sexy cover, but now that I read the whole story? I just adore that cover, it fits with the story perfectly (and it is still a sexy cover, just now a sexy cover with a meaning).

I would highly recommend this one to everyone. Be sure to read this one. And again, very very steamy and sexy! But also hilarious, funny, and swoooooon!

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